Recognition for Scholarship

New Hampshire Scholars receive recognition at the personal, school, and state levels. Personal recognition means not just pride in accomplishment but also very real benefits in pursuing college and careers.

On graduation, New Hampshire Scholars get special acknowledgment from their schools and from local and state leaders. Recognition extends past graduation into post-school life. Colleges and employers across the state understand the skills and knowledge New Hampshire Scholars bring to the table.

Personal Qualifications

The greatest recognition for students who complete the New Hampshire Scholars program is the qualifications they earn. The Core Course of Study and Academic and Career Pathways are benchmarks of achievement. These credentials give students an edge in applying for college or jobs.

Academic qualifications also unlock financial aid for New Hampshire Scholars, especially those who remain in state for college. New Hampshire’s colleges and universities are committed to expanding education opportunities for students. As part of that commitment, they recognize New Hampshire Scholars with benefits like access to fee waivers and merit scholarships.

Public Recognition

In addition to credentials, New Hampshire Scholars receive recognition in a variety of ways. High school transcripts indicate that students have successfully completed the New Hampshire Scholars requirements. The New Hampshire Scholars program also provides a letter of congratulations and a seal for graduating students’ diplomas.

Individual schools often publicly recognize students within the school or larger community. For example, schools may choose to hold special awards and/or graduation ceremonies for New Hampshire Scholars. They may also acknowledge Scholars’ achievements in newsletters, during events, and in other ways.

Public recognition may extend beyond the school and into the community. For example, New Hampshire Scholars may receive coverage in local news outlets or receive scholarships from local businesses.

Recognition from State Leaders

State leaders, including those representing New Hampshire nationally, have long recognized the accomplishments of New Hampshire Scholars. Following is a small sampling of what they have had to say.

A big congratulations to all New Hampshire Scholars across the state. A big thank you as well to all the parents and teachers for providing support to get these students not just across the finish line, but with incredible academic success.

—Chris Sununu

Governor of New Hampshire

Congratulations to all of our New Hampshire Scholars on their commitment and dedication to your education and to your future… Your commitment to this program shows that you are going to continue to succeed whether you are entering the military, our workforce, or going on to college.

—Chris Pappas

U.S. Representative for New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District

Thank you now more than ever before to our school counselors, our teachers, parents, students, and business leaders for making the New Hampshire Scholars program a great success. Best wishes to all the graduating New Hampshire Scholars.

—Ann McLane Kuster

U.S. Representative for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District

What you will have no matter where you go are the values that have brought you to this point, that have helped you achieve being a New Hampshire Scholar. Those values, the achievement, the hard work that has gotten you to this point will carry you through to whatever you do in the future.

—Jeanne Shaheen

U.S. Senator for New Hampshire

You have extraordinary talent and energy, and your communities and your state and your country need your continued hard work and commitment. As you share that talent and energy with the rest of us, you are going to make a huge difference.

—Maggie Hassan

U.S. Senator for New Hampshire

I encourage all of you to continue your quest for education and to get involved in your community. Congratulations on a job well done!

—Bob Tewksbury

former All-Star Major League Baseball pitcher