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We encourage students across our 85+ participating schools to commit to challenging themselves in high school. New Hampshire Scholars isn’t just for the “smart” kids in class. We believe that all students have the potential to achieve in school and open doors to future success.

Why Should I Become a New Hampshire Scholar?

Becoming a New Hampshire Scholar comes with many benefits. Taking tough courses in high school gives you skills that go beyond school and into all aspects of life. It better prepares you to get into college, qualify for scholarships, and graduate. It also improves your chances of getting hired and promoted, whatever type of work you go into.

Education preparation

Getting into college is just the first step. The end goal is finishing successfully. Because they’re better prepared for college, New Hampshire Scholars are more likely to graduate. They also finish college sooner on average than students who don’t participate in the program.

Career choices

Good jobs require advanced training and the ability to excel. New Hampshire Scholars lays the groundwork for careers by developing skills like analytical thinking and problem solving. These skills are valuable whether you want to go to college, pursue technical or military training, or head straight into a job after high school.

Earning capacity

New Hampshire Scholars are more likely to finish high school and to earn a college degree. What does that mean for you? High school graduates earn an average of 42% more than high school dropouts. And college graduates earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more over their lifetime than those without a degree.

A foundation for the future

New Hampshire Scholars gives students the knowledge and tools to succeed in school and beyond. What you learn now will prepare you to tackle the future. The world is constantly changing; New Hampshire Scholars can help you adapt to meet new challenges as they arise.

How Do I Become a New Hampshire Scholar?

If you’re a student at one of our participating schools, becoming a New Hampshire Scholar is simple.

Step 1

Review requirements for the Core Course of Study with your school counselor and your family. The Core Course of Study includes a set of rigorous courses across subject areas.

The NH Scholars 4-Year Course Planner outlines course requirements. You can find the planner on this page; your counselor will also provide one.

Step 2

Sign the New Hampshire Scholars pledge on the 4-Year Planner to commit to completing the course requirements.

You may also choose to fill additional requirements to complete an Academic or Career Pathway.

Step 3

Enroll in and pass the required courses. Enlist your family, teachers, and counselors in helping you achieve your goals.

When you graduate, you’ll be named a New Hampshire Scholar and receive credit on your transcript. This will give your resume a lift and open up college and career opportunities.