Get Involved


Businesses are integral to the success of the New Hampshire Scholars initiative. Our program is unique in that it enables business leaders to tell students directly why challenging themselves in school matters.

New Hampshire Scholars offers a wide range of ways for local businesses to participate. Even a small time commitment can translate into large gains for students. Individual businesses also benefit—as does the state’s overall economic health.

Why Collaborate with NH Scholars

New Hampshire Scholars guides students in taking a Core Course of Study in high school. Taking rigorous classes arms students with the skills and knowledge needed for college and careers. New Hampshire businesses benefit by tapping into a trained workforce with critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and other valuable skills.

Many of the state’s most successful and forward-thinking businesses collaborate with New Hampshire Scholars. These leading businesses are doing their part to:

  • Build a strong pool of local talent in New Hampshire.
  • Ensure that students acquire the 21st century skills businesses need.
  • Reduce the time and training needed to get workers up to speed.
  • Connect with talented job candidates through mentoring, internships, or other programs.
  • Provide a path for accomplished students to remain in state for college and jobs.

Support that Works for Your Business

New Hampshire Scholars offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses to collaborate. They may advise program staff, give presentations for students, offer internships and other work-based learning experiences, and more:

  • Give in-school presentations to deliver the New Hampshire Scholars message and motivate students to select rigorous high school courses.
  • Support the journey of New Hampshire Scholars by providing instruction or mentoring.
  • Offer internships, shadowing, and other work-based experiences for students interested in learning about your business.
  • Serve on industry panels and other college/career exploration events to advise students about career paths, especially in high-demand areas.
  • Provide company tours or skill workshops (e.g., interviewing techniques, resume writing, managing finances) for New Hampshire Scholars.
  • Organize or sponsor a community service event or other activity to engage students.
  • Help finance summer academies in math, science, or other disciplines.

Become a Business Champion

Businesses interested in volunteering, providing student incentives, or developing a school partnership program will find many ways to participate. Please contact us to learn about opportunities for collaborating with New Hampshire Scholars or local participating schools.