Our Mission

New Hampshire Scholars really prepares students for life after high school.

—Bill Hughen

Guidance Director, Alvirne High School

New Hampshire Scholars motivates students to take a defined, rigorous course of study in high school. Our Core Course of Study is designed to prepare students for college, vocational/technical training, and workforce demands. The goal is for all students to challenge themselves academically to gain the skills and knowledge they’ll need to navigate the future.

Partnerships for Student Success

New Hampshire Scholars begins in 8th grade, before students choose their high school classes. The program is unique in that it enlists business and college leaders in encouraging students to select a strong curriculum. They emphasize that the NH Scholars Core Course of Study opens education and work options for students.

Rigorous courses help students get into college and jobs, and to succeed once they enter. They are required for acceptance at many 4-year colleges and recommended for students pursuing 2-year degrees or certificates. Moreover, research shows that students who take challenging courses in high school are more likely to finish their college degrees.

The program also supports students who choose to go from high school directly into the workplace or the military. Whether jobs require a college degree or not, they increasingly need abilities like critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. New Hampshire Scholars works to help students acquire these and other job and life skills.

NH Scholars motivates students to build skills and knowledge for future success by challenging themselves in school.

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Opportunity for All New Hampshire Students

New Hampshire Scholars is for all students, but it especially targets students in the mid-50% range (25% to 75%) in school standings. These students may not think of themselves as scholars, but they have high potential to achieve.

Students who commit to becoming New Hampshire Scholars create a personalized education plan to complete the Core Course of Study. Components include English, Math, Science, Social Studies/Social Sciences, and a foreign language. Students may also choose to complete one or more Academic or Career Pathways through additional courses or other work.

Schools engage local business leaders to provide motivation, mentorship, and real-world experiences to build skills and qualifications. Students who complete the program also gain local and state recognition, access to college merit aid, and more.

Graduating competent students not only benefits our society, but also better prepares students for future careers and citizenship.

The New Hampshire Department of Education:

Proud New Hampshire Scholars Partner

The New Hampshire Department of Education is proud to partner with NHCUC to administer the New Hampshire Scholars initiative.

NH Scholars encourages students to take a rigorous curriculum to prepare them for a future that will demand strong and flexible thinking skills.

These skills will serve students whether they decide to continue their education or start their careers after they graduate. For those who are thinking about going to college, solid preparation is essential.

New Hampshire Scholars fosters collaboration between educators, policymakers, and business leaders to promote student achievement. Program partners collaborate to help students and parents understand the importance of academic rigor for transitioning successfully to post-secondary education and career options.

This work speaks to the Department of Education’s commitment to supporting New Hampshire’s economy by preparing a better-educated workforce. Graduating competent students benefits our society by preparing the next generation for careers and citizenship. The New Hampshire Scholars initiative is helping to strengthen New Hampshire’s vision for the future.