Helping students succeed
in school and beyond.

College ready. Work ready. Life ready.

New Hampshire Scholars is a community-based program that encourages students to take a rigorous Core Course of Study in high school. Whatever path students take, a strong high school education can help them achieve their goals. New Hampshire Scholars gives students a roadmap for gaining the skills and knowledge they need to succeed—in college, careers, and community life.

Local business leaders and school districts work with New Hampshire Scholars to set standards, promote learning, and recognize student achievement. Statewide support comes from the New Hampshire College & University Council and the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Inspiring Student Achievement

New Hampshire Scholars works with schools across the state to set strong academic goals for students. We know that all students, not just a select few, have the potential to excel in school. Our program provides solid structures and incentives for students to challenge themselves to reach their full potential.

Every year we reach thousands of students in districts throughout the Granite State:

Participating schools and districts

Current New Hampshire Scholars students

Average GPA among NH Scholars graduates

College & Career Benefits for Students

In this short video, school, college, and business leaders describe how NH Scholars prepares students for success. They’re joined by students with real-life stories of how the program has helped them reach their goals.

I definitely feel more prepared for college after taking all the courses that I’ve taken here.

—NH Scholars high school senior

Congratulations to the
2022 New Hampshire Scholars

This year nearly 5,600 students have taken the NH Scholars pledge to challenge themselves in high school. Our graduates leave school prepared for the next stage of their lives, which benefits all of New Hampshire.

A big congratulations to all New Hampshire Scholars across the state. A big thank you all as well to all the parents and teachers for providing support to get these students not just across the finish line, but with incredible academic success.

—New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu

Partners in Scholarship

Our partners support students in the New Hampshire Scholars program through funding, mentoring, recognition, scholarships, and more.

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