Benefits for Students

Why become a New Hampshire Scholar? Our program opens doors to let you get where you want to go after school. Taking the New Hampshire Scholars Core Course of Study in high school is great preparation for whatever comes next.

Taking an Academic or Career Pathway in addition to the Core Course of Study brings even more benefits. Adding an academic pathway can improve your chances of getting into college and qualifying for merit aid. If you’re thinking of entering the workforce or technical school, the career pathway provides valuable work experience and credits.

Skills for Success

Some students worry that taking tough courses will hurt their grades, but challenging yourself works in your favor. Students who participate in the New Hampshire Scholars program earn an average GPA of 3.4. More importantly, New Hampshire Scholars can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed after graduation.

Students who take demanding high school courses are more likely to finish school and get into college. According to the U.S. Department of Education, they’re also nearly twice as likely to graduate from college. This is at least in part because they enter with the skills they need to do well.

Essential Experience

Taking challenging courses doesn’t help only if you plan to go to college. Anyone entering the workforce or military service from high school can benefit from taking strong courses. The writing, math, language, and other skills these courses teach are important for many jobs.

Even more crucial are the critical thinking and problem-solving skills you get from learning a subject in depth. Employers in New Hampshire and around the world recognize the value of these skills.

Moreover, New Hampshire Scholars gain real-world experience through internships and mentoring programs provided by local business partners.

Our business partners offer additional work-based experiences through shadowing, community service events, and more. They also help students explore their future choices by organizing industry panels and college/career events.

Just about every position in our company requires analytical and communication skills.

—Tom Raffio

President & CEO, Northeast Delta Dental

A College & Career Boost

Graduating as a New Hampshire Scholar means you will:

  • Acquire advanced academic, decision-making, and critical thinking skills.
  • Be more prepared for college and be less likely to need costly remedial courses.
  • Be a stronger candidate for certain types of tuition aid—including Scholarships for Scholars (see below) as well as other merit aid.
  • Gain relevant work-based experience to build your resume, as well as connections with local businesses.
  • Earn recognition for successfully completing a challenging curriculum.

Did you know?

Students with a bachelor’s degree earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more than high school graduates over the course of their lives. [Source]

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Scholarships for Scholars

New Hampshire Scholars are eligible for college scholarships and other aid created specifically for them. Scholarships ranging from $500 to $32,000 are offered by more than a dozen New Hampshire colleges and universities. These include all colleges in the Community College System of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Scholars taking academic pathways in STEM or Arts are eligible for additional scholarships. Merit aid for New Hampshire Scholars also includes fee waivers, making it free to apply to many schools.