Resources from New Hampshire Scholars include vital program information, handouts, and communication tools. We have also compiled a short list of online state and federal resources. These sites offer information on completing school, accessing financial aid, and getting a great college education in New Hampshire.

NH Scholars Program Resources


Our program resources are designed to help participants get the most from the New Hampshire Scholars initiative. The documents here will help students and educators plan, complete, and benefit from NH Scholars requirements.

Four-Year Course Planner

Our 4-Year Course Planner goes out to students in grade 8 to help them plan their high school path. The planner summarizes the Core Course of Study and gives examples of courses in each subject area. It also outlines requirements for the additional Academic and Career Pathways.

An important piece of the planner is the New Hampshire Scholars pledge. Students and parents sign the pledge to signal a commitment to participating in the program. A formal commitment reinforces the message that taking rigorous courses helps prepare students for the future.

Scholarships for Scholars

We partner with 20+ colleges and universities to offer New Hampshire Scholars incentives for applying to college in state. Scholars can apply to these institutions for free through application fee waivers. They may also qualify for special merit scholarships.

The Scholarships for Scholars document describes the fee waivers and scholarships offered by our college and university partners. We encourage students to take advantage of these great opportunities.

NH Scholars Pathways

The colorful handout summarizes requirements for the Core Course of Study and the STEM, Arts, and Careers Pathways. This one-page document serves as a quick reference tool to complement the more detailed 4-year planner.

Resources for School Coordinators

Resources are available to help NH Scholars school coordinators organize meetings and inform others involved in the program. Resources for school coordinators include:

  • Sample PowerPoint presentations with information for students.
  • A summary of key elements of the NH Scholars program and how students can benefit from participating.
  • An end-of-year report template to make reporting on graduating New Hampshire Scholars simple.

State and Federal Resources

The resources below offer information on getting academic help, finishing school, going to college in New Hampshire, and finding financial aid. They can help guide students and their families in preparing for life after high school.

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School
VLACS provides customized online learning for middle, high school, and adult learners. Tools are geared toward helping students learn new skills and earn their diploma.

Study New Hampshire
This site offers information on New Hampshire’s vibrant and diverse higher education options. Information includes academic programs, athletics, and more from two-year and four-year colleges and universities across the state.

New Hampshire College & University Council
NHCUC is nonprofit consortium of colleges and universities that collaborate to expand education opportunities across New Hampshire. NHCUC partners to administer the  New Hampshire GEAR UP Alliance as well as NH Scholars.

Federal Student Aid
This site offers information on federal aid for college, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). With information for students and parents, it is designed to help put college in reach.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
The state’s largest provider of publicly available scholarships, awarding more than $7 million to students each year. The site offers scholarship and other information for students.